commitment-ceremonies-by-Veronica-Pappas-CelebrantCommitment Ceremony

A Keepsake Commitment Ceremony offer couples the opportunity to publicly declare their love and commitment to their relationship in the company of friends.

A beautiful ceremony can be personalised to reflect your ideals and life’s intentions and it’s design is only limited by your imagination.

There is the ability to register the ceremony on the Australian Commitment Ceremony Register so that if your union becomes legal, there has been a permanent record of the occasion.


A Keepsake Ceremony Commitment service includes ~

  • A relaxed interview and consultation to discuss and choose the type and format of the ceremony that will truly reflect your feelings, your aims, your styles and your characters
  • The loan of a comprehensive booklet of examples of readings, vows, music
  • The choice of a Commitment Certificate
  • A full rehearsal at an agreed venue
  • A beautifully presented ‘Keepsake’ copy of the Ceremony
  • A personal guarantee that I will treat the planning, preparation and delivery of the ceremony with the respect, friendliness, warmth and professionalism that you require and deserve