Funeral Ceremony



A Keepsake Funeral Ceremony offers a service that celebrates the significance of life. After consultation with the family, a carefully composed, personalised ceremony is created to reflect the character and story of the person whose life has just ended.

The Funeral Ceremony is conducted with compassion, dignity and care in a professional manner as a final act of respect and love on behalf of the family.


A Keepsake Ceremony Funeral service includes ~

  • One to two hour informal consultation with the family (and friends if desired) to gather information and details about the deceased person’s character and life story
  • Consultation with the family that all the details gathered and written are correct and truly reflect the style and character of the person
  • A beautifully presented ‘Keepsake’ copy of the Funeral Ceremony
  • A personal guarantee that I will treat the planning, preparation and delivery of the ceremony with the respect, friendliness, warmth and professionalism that you require and deserve