Name Giving Ceremony

znaming3A Name Giving Ceremony created by ‘A Keepsake Ceremony’ is a time to celebrate a new life among us and the honouring of a chosen name.

A time to offer our blessings and good wishes for the child’s life journey. This ceremony creates a moment of significance to be shared with family and friends.

The Name Giving can be enhanced by many additions, such as the lighting of candles, to symbolise your aims and wishes for your child.


A Keepsake Ceremony Name Giving Service includes ~

  • A relaxed interview and consultation at your home to discuss the type and format of the ceremony that will truly reflect your feelings, aims, dreams and wishes for your child
  • Unlimited phone and/or email consultation
  • The loan of a comprehensive booklet of examples of readings, poems, music
  • Mentor/Godparent/Guardian participatory choices
  • Grandparent/Great Grandparent participatory choices
  • Appreciation Certificates for ceremonial participants
  • A beautifully presented ‘Keepsake’ copy of the Naming Ceremony
  • A personal guarantee that I will treat the planning, preparation and delivery of the ceremony with the respect, friendliness, warmth and professionalism that you require and deserve